Premium images

by photographer

Corey Rankin




Whatever your needs, experience the finest images possible from photographer and image creator, Corey Rankin. We specialise in giving you photos and video of the finest quality. From portraits and weddings to social media and advertising content, we always create the highest standard of picture available.



Image Perfection

You want the best. That's why we've worked hard to understand the principles behind giving you more than fantastic. The end result of our work are images which define your life as magical, wonderful, beautiful.

Pre-wedding photoshoots are an opportunity to create amazing images without the stress of your wedding day. Our pre-wedding photos are of the very highest artistic quality, giving you an album that will be loved and treasured for generations as a family heirloom.





From fine art
to beauty

Our background in fine art means great photos for you. From a top quality portrait to your Social Media profile update, the attracting power of a beautiful image will be one of your greatest assets.

Classic stills
Art. Composition. Style.
We put it all into every photo, making sure you get extraordinary images to love forever.
The beauty of still photography rethought as motion. If you need video we shoot using the same mindset and techniques as our still photography, makeing each frame a work or art, each video a beautiful moving image.
Aerial photography
Stills and video can be taken from an aerial platform, with the same skill and talent as any other form of visual imagery. It's photography from a new perspective, either from a birds-eye or low level perspective.